Camo Hypan Caves

Got some more camo handmade hypan size caves in from Germany with some top plates and wave plates. My fish seem to love them. Have sold many via Facebook so may start selling them on here too. Here is some pics.

Pygmy Cory 12x Corydoras Habrosus Cochui Arrived

Added in 11x Pygmy cory to the zebra tank today, had 12x ordered but one little guy just didn’t have the fight to make it and sadly passed away 🙁 they pose no threat at all to fish, shrimps or pleco eggs. These came from Orwell Aquatics if you are looking to get some, great little fish and cheap too, A link to Orwell Aquatics is in my links section.

New Background 

Wasn’t happy with my previous background on my L046 Trigon tank so changed it today for another, still not sure 100% but it’s better than it was before and I’m also down to using only the T5 LED light instead of using the two. Also put a similar backing on the shrimp tank.

New Eheim Pro 4+ 600

After having issues with the Fluval 406 I decided to go back to using Eheim as I’ve used them previously without any issues, I got a good deal on this Eheim Professional 4+ 600 from Sun Aquatics in Stirling. I replaced one of the Eheim baskets MECHpro media for Biohome Ultimate Mini.

The two zebra’s arrived and 4x mini corydoras 

Both my zebras turned up safe and well from Orwell Aquatics along with 2x Cholla logs for my shrimp tanks and 4x Corydoras Habrosus Cochui which I’ve put them in my shrimp tank. It is very hard to get pics of them due to their size, but what a great little cory to own.

GreenPleco One Off Custom Pleco

I managed to get this Fluffy Stuffy Chewbacca one off custom pleco from Mil at GreenPleco. Can’t wait till it arrives lol You can find their one off and custom pleco’s on their Etsy store here – GleenPleco Etsy


Two more zebras arriving

Hi guys, tomorrow I have these two L046 arriving from Orwell Aquatics along with 4x Pygmy corydoras to try in my shrimp tank. The zebras are approx 5 and 6cm in size, fingers crossed its a male and a female but as they are still young it’s hard to tell. Here’s a pic

Possible 2nd Shrimp Tank

Picked up a Betta Lifespace 32L tank today, may turn it into a second shrimp tank or just keep it as a spare. It seems pretty decent and comes with everything except substrate or a heater. (Update 23rd) have decided to not use this tank but get a Superfish Home 25 like I have already but this time the XL version.

New caves & Lido LED lighting upgrade

Bought some new caves from a seller in Germany. I have also upgraded the standard Juwel T5 bulb in my L129 Lido 120 tank to a Superfish 45cm 15W LED bulb, not sure one is bright enough but will do until I buy another or until Juwel bring out their own LED lighting. Some pics as always.

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