Would like to thank Rob for letting me be Admin.

Will try and get things moving on here again.

I have Zebras,L260,L134,L333,L340,L183,L174,Super red Bristlenose.

And  i also keep Sodapop,Gossei,Orange Venezualan,Similis,Duplicareous,Blacks and some Laser Corydoras.

I have 30 tanks in total in custom built fishroom (by me)






Added in two smaller Zebra’s to the main group today taking the number in the trigon main tank to 12, couple of pics attached of the new arrivals, one is 8 months old and the other is younger, hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

(click pic for larger image)

(click pic for larger image)


Not much happening with the L046 or L134’s for now, I do still have a female L046 female hanging about the males cave so who knows? fingers crossed ūüėõ I added in 5 more cardinal tetra and an assasin snail¬†to try and catch a couple of snails I keep seeing but other than that not much to report

Here is todays pics sorry for the PC monitor reflection

(click pic for larger image)

And here is one of my L134 Females

(click pic for larger image)


Hate these kind of updates :(

While checking on the L134’s today I found the large wild caught male dead :( the female which I got with him had also previously died :(

The two remaining wild caught L134 females seem ok as do the cardinals and shrimps. Water test was all clear so not really sure what has happened :( RIP dude :(

Hi guys just a little update today, I received two more wild caught L134 Females from Rare Aquatics (Cheers Jo!) Pics of them and my previous Adult male attached. Unfortunatly the previous spotty marked adult female died :( no idea why but she didn’t make it. Planning on getting another adult male and two more females from Rare Aquatics again soon. Also have 2 female L046 Zebra Pleco’s booked for when they arrive, cannot wait!!

This is the large wild caught male from the last pair I got

(click pic for larger image)

This is one of the new females

(click pic for larger image)

And this is the other female

(click pic for larger image)

And finally a pic of my L046 Zebra Pleco’s from yesterday, having a little party lol

(click pic for larger image)


Hi guys not much of an update for now.

I am currently setting up a Juwel Lido 120, I am not sure which species I shall keep in this tank but shall get a group of something, perhaps more L046 or maybe something different such as the L270 Chocolate Zebra Pleco.

My main Zebra Pleco tank is running nice and smoothly little pic attached here –

(click pic for larger image)

My L134 Leopard Frog Pleco tank has had a little bad luck, my female wc adult died :( the tank also broke out with white spot so I have had to treat it with King British WS3, things seem to be clearing up now and I have ordered another 2 wild caught L134 females.

I also sent this male L046 Zebra Pleco to my mate Sam as I had been looking after it for him untill his tank was ready, I thought I would share a pic as I really liked his markings, I also sent 4x L134 youngsters but unfortunatly they didnt make the trip and died in transit although not sure why :(

(click pic for larger image)

Shall update some more soon :)



(click pic for larger image)

(click pic for larger image)

(click pic for larger image)

Today I received my 2 wild caught adult male and female (Peckoltia Compta)¬†L134 Leopard Frog Pleco’s from Rare Aquatics – http://rareaquatics.co.uk

Had a bit of a panic when the courier did not turn up before 1pm as he was supposed to, a quick call to Jo at Rare Aquatics to try and chase them down and they arrived while on the phone lol, typical and damn you Royal Mail!! thanks to Jo & Rare Aquatics, I will 100% be buying from you guys again soon and to anyone reading I totally recommend getting your fish from these guys :)

Got the fish settled in nice and took a couple of pics as you can see above, I may try and get another 1 or 2 adults if I can, Probably females but we shall see, have 4 youngsters in there too so I think perhaps 8 in the Rio 125 may be enough even though it is over filtered etc.

For now that is all really, no news on my L46 Zebra Pleco tank except I think my Cherry Red Shrimps have bred as I see lots of little baby shrimps darting around.

Just another small update yesterday I added in 3 little Corydoras Panda into the tank, good for a little sand movement and clean up¬†and do not disturb the Zebra Pleco’s, Panda cory I have always had and liked so had to get a trio when I saw them for sale :)

Thats all for now :(

Just another small update for now I have bought from Rare Aquatics (link available in my links area) 2x Wild Caught L134 Peckoltia Compta, One adult male and one adult female L134 Leopard Frog Pleco.

These will be going in the Juwel Rio 125 which has became a L134 species tank.

I shall get more pics once they arrive, arrival date is the 14th of this month.

I am also going to be setting up a Juwel Lido 120 soon, I may make this into a L270 Chocolate Zebra Pleco tank but I am not yet sure.