3x More L134 Arrive

Some sad news two of the five wild caught L134’s I got passed away due to hollow belly 🙁 I wormed the tank and over fed and filtered for a week and the remaining three seem ok now.

Today I got three more from Orwell Aquatics (Link in my link section), here are some pics. The current group is at six fish now.

L134 Wild Caught Group

Seeing as I have gave up the L129’s I’ve went back to the L134 Leopard Frog Pleco’s. I managed to get five wild caught ones today from G.M.Aquatics and Marcin was kind enough to deliver them to my house. Here are some pics of what we believe are 3x females and 2x males. Not great pics due to iPhone sorry.

Cave topper care package 

I received a nice little care package in the post from my friend Irina who lives in Germany, she makes many hand made caves for plecos, shrimps and other items too, let me know if you want her contact details to get anything 🙂 a little pic of what came. Thank you Irina.

L129 Fry Growing & Corydoras Metae Fry

Just a little update on my L129 fry, managed a half decent pic today, so here it is, hope you enjoy it, not often I can get a pic of them as the dad likes to keep them hidden still.

And I spotted one of the Corydoras Metae fry out and about in the tank too.

L129 & Cory Metae Fry

The dad is hiding and guarding his young a little too well, managed to almost get a pic of the youngsters, if you look close on this picture you can see a few of the young ones to the back right of the cave, hoping to get some better pics soon.

Here also is a bad pic of a Corydoras Metae fry which is also in the same tank.

Hypan D Caves again

I decided to try the Hypan D caves again especially with my L129’s as I feel the camo ones I currently have may be too small for them to spawn in. I ordered ten of the small size and two of the mini ones. Fingers crossed this may help as I’ve a female struggling to get in with the male. These are available from Orwell Aquatics (Link to their website in my links section), some pics.

Filter Media Update

Decided to remove the standard Eheim bio mech in the bottom two trays of my Eheim Pro 4+ 600 external filter and I am now using Biohome ultimate in the very bottom tray with some Biohome Ultimate Mini in with it, and then a tray of the Biohome Mini Ultimate with some Fluval Bio ceramic rings followed by the standard Eheim top media’s and sponges, I added in some filter media balls and some Fluval Cycle to help get the new media established. I also added in some of the Bio home Ultimate Mini to my L129’s Fluval 406 Filter, here are some pics.

Betta Pair

Was up at Sun Aquatics in Stirling today to get some Fluval Cycle and came back with this amazing pair of betta’s. A great shop and well worth going to if you haven’t done so already, the owners are very helpful and have been in the business a long time and really know their stuff. Here is some pics.

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