The two zebra’s arrived and 4x mini corydoras 

Both my zebras turned up safe and well from Orwell Aquatics along with 2x Cholla logs for my shrimp tanks and 4x Corydoras Habrosus Cochui which I’ve put them in my shrimp tank. It is very hard to get pics of them due to their size, but what a great little cory to own.

Two more zebras arriving

Hi guys, tomorrow I have these two L046 arriving from Orwell Aquatics along with 4x Pygmy corydoras to try in my shrimp tank. The zebras are approx 5 and 6cm in size, fingers crossed its a male and a female but as they are still young it’s hard to tell. Here’s a pic

GreenPleco Zebra Pleco Plush

The Green Pleco Zebra Pleco plush I ordered from the states arrived today 🙂 my Zebra Pleco’s will most probably think it is their god or something lol. Great quality item, if you don’t already have one you should get one 🙂 A link to their website is on my links section. But if you are lazy you can click Here!

A Few Updates

Have a few updates to post soon once I get the tanks and filters sorted etc.

Need to decide how many of the 8 Discus I have I will keep and what filters to use in what tanks etc etc.

Also have a L129 Columbian Zebra Pleco I plan on adding to the Juwel Lido 120 we recently bought second hand, hope to start a group of these also. Have got up to 6x L199’s now too, added in some Cherry red shrimp to the tanks as well as a couple of Panda Corydoras to the L199 tank. Got two new L046 as you may have saw on my last post.

More pics and info soon.

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